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    Nokia Unlock Service!

    If you came to this site because you have a Nokia phone that needs sim unlock, please check out my unlock service page for step by step guide and payment information.

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NssPro v 0.54 - The latest NSS Pro release

NssPro User Guide (pdf) - Short description of NSS Pro usage


TDSTool - Small utility that calculates DCT4/+ RPL files

uGenie v 0.14 - Genie Clip update utility

CodeToFinal - Windows utility for the code to final Genie script

Genie SDK - The Genie Clip software development kit, make own scripts in Pawn

hw_pc_control - Nss Pro clusters power control utility


RA35H1516M (pdf) - Mitsubishi RA35H1516M mod to operate on 70 Mhz


trx4m - Schematics and firmware of the latest TRX4M Beta