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    Nokia Unlock Service!

    If you came to this site because you have a Nokia phone that needs sim unlock, please check out my unlock service page for step by step guide and payment information.

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Lumia Explorer


Just to let everyone that i am still working on new stuff for NSS and Nokia. Currently finishing the first HW version of the new Lumia Explorer hardware that will be supported by NSS. It allows rooting, exploiting and simunlock of all Lumia WP7 models.

More info to follow...


Latest here


I am back from yet another holliday, sorry for the server being bit slowish during the last 3 weeks. All should be back to normal.


Server Backlog cleared


Just to let everyone know that the backlog of phones waiting on the GenieProjects server is cleared and you can upload now for processing without the extra delay.



The server is overloaded


There a quite a lot of jobs on the GenieProjects server, please do not upload for the next few days, to avoid disappointment.


Thank you!


I am back


Just to let everyone know - i am back from my holiday. All services and support should be as normal. I am sorry if you have experienced a delay or the server was slow at times.


Holliday Notice


To all customers - I will be on a two weeks holliday from 1st of April. Orders will be processed, but there could be much longer delays, probably upto 12 hours. If you want to buy some advance credits for unlock today and tomorrow, please contact me or do ASAP from the Shop page.


New CMS script and new look of Genie Projects


I have decided to spend the last few days in updating the Genie Projects website. The GetSimple CMS is a open source, well supported and well done piece of code. I got to like it and finally have decided to update the code.